As a passionate illustrator, my job is to bring stories to life through visual art. My talent lies in my ability to create images that capture the imagination and reinforce the power of words.

My collaboration with publishing houses is a thrilling artistic adventure. Working closely with publishers and authors, each project is an opportunity to dive into a different universe. Whether for book or novel covers, esoteric works or divinatory oracles, I adapt to the aesthetic and tone of each work. My work is not limited to simple illustration, but also encompasses artistic research, the creation of memorable characters or creatures, harmonious layout and attention to the details that make all the difference.

As an illustrator working with publishing houses, I'm well aware of the importance of meeting deadlines and editorial expectations. My ultimate goal is to contribute to the success of each work by bringing my creativity and expertise to bear on the texts.

I warmly invite publishers and authors to contact me to discuss your illustration projects. Whether it's bringing a new novel to life, creating illustrations for a book or designing visuals for esoteric works, I'm always open to stimulating new collaborations. Together, we can turn your ideas into a captivating visual reality. Please contact me to discuss your artistic needs and explore how I can contribute to the magic of your publications.

My work is not just a profession, it's a passion that drives me to explore new artistic horizons and create enchanting visual worlds. Collaborating with publishers and authors is an exciting opportunity for me to bring your writing to life through art. I look forward to discovering your upcoming creative projects and contributing to their success.