Gumiho, whose real name is Stéphanie Paquot, is a versatile artist from Liège, Belgium, who distinguishes herself through her work as a photographer and illustrator. She is known for her creativity and passion for fantastic visual art.

In 2006, Stéphanie began her artistic career as a photographer, capturing unique moments and eye-catching scenes. Her photographs are imbued with a personal aesthetic, and her talent is particularly evident in wildlife photography, where she captures the beauty and essence of the creatures that inhabit our world. She freezes the expressions, movements and gazes of animals, revealing the grace and majesty of wildlife.

Her work as an illustrator is at the heart of her artistic expression and occupies a prominent place in her creative career.

Since childhood, Stéphanie has been passionate about art and has developed her distinctive style over the years. Her illustrations are a captivating fusion of traditional art and digital creativity. But what makes her work even more fascinating is her deep immersion in the world of esotericism, a passion she's cultivated since she was a teenager.

Her works reveal esoteric mysteries, spellbinding symbols and an aura of magic that transports the viewer into a bewitching universe. Through her illustrations, Stéphanie explores esoteric themes, from divination cards to mythical creatures and ancient spells. Each illustration is like a window into a mystical realm where imagination and spirituality meet.

But that's not all, as Stephanie's art also delves deeply into the world of fantasy and enchantment. Her creations depict fantastical realms populated by extraordinary creatures, enchanted forests and imaginary worlds. She knows how to capture the essence of enchantment and create illustrations that seem to come straight out of fairy tales... or the dark underworld.

Stéphanie's illustration art is imbued with a keen sense of symbolism and a deep connection to the mysterious forces that inhabit our world. Each stroke is meticulously applied to give life to unique, expressive creations that seem to draw their inspiration from unseen worlds.

Over the course of her career, Stéphanie has had the opportunity to collaborate with other artists and clients who share her passion for fantasy, enchantment and esoterica. She has even become the author and illustrator of several house-published oracles.

She is also represented by Illozoo | the visual communication agency in the USA, which enables her to work from time to time for international clients in the advertising, design, publishing and fashion industries.

Gumiho embodies the spirit of an artist whose work transcends the limits of reality to explore the most mysterious corners of the imagination. She is an illustrator, author and revealer of hidden worlds and unexplored dreams.