Creation of unique personal artworks

Gumiho, whose real name is Stéphanie Paquot, is a photographer-illustrator based in Liege, Belgium. She creates surreal, fantastic, unique and personalized works. She uses photography and digital drawing for her designs.

Creation for brands and companies

She also accompanies companies in their visual content production projects, and puts her talent at their service, bringing originality and fantasy to their communication and projects.


Gumiho also creates illustrations for book covers and others and helps you to arouse the reader's immediate interest. Illustrations for publishing houses, book covers, oracle cards, music album covers and many others… she brings originality and fantasy to your image and your projects.


Animal photographer

Passionate about animal photography, Gumiho is quickly spotted for her cat photographs. Photos that she makes first for herself, then for breeders or in cat shows. She then takes pictures for magazines and advertisements and is hired by Royal Canin. She finds her public and opens her first studio in her very small garage in 2006. She photographs for pet food brands and works in collaboration with several advertising agencies in Brussels, Paris and Canada.

Multidisciplinary photographer

Having become a mother, she broadened her photographic interests and added maternity, pregnancy, baby, family and portrait photography to her photography. She photographs for several commercial projects and various creators. In 2012, she manages to buy her own photo studio on the heights of Liège, with more space and possibilities.

From photographer to artist-illustrator

In 2017, she opens an Instagram account to show her artistic creations on which she has been working in the shadows for years. The public is reactive, and in 2018 Photoshop spots her via the social network. She will end up working on creative contracts to promote the Adobe software suite. She sets up a small gallery above her studio, with her creations, where the public shows interest, enthusiasm and demand for this fantastic universe.

In 2020, she decided to move completely into this artistic field. She remains a photographer, but from now on only to create surreal, fantastic, unique and personalized works from photographs in which each client is the main character. After all this time of evolution in the so-called "classic" photography, a great desire to evolve towards something else pushed her. For years, in the shadows, she worked her skills and abilities to create visual magic. Now she wants to put stars in people's eyes and magic in their lives. It can be said that she now goes beyond photography to surreal and imaginary illustration.

In December 2020, she signs with the international artist agency Illozoo. This agency will allow her to work for the advertising, design, publishing, business, fashion and games industry. For customers in America, Europe, Asia and Australia.


Captivated for many years by spirituality, writing, tales and legends, but also passionate about art and esotericism, she was inspired by various influences to write and illustrate an oracle (in French): l'Oracle des Êtres Fantastiques.

At the end of 2019, she signs with the Tredaniel publishing house, which wants to publish her work. In January 2021, the Oracle is available for sale in all good bookstores or even online on the Tredaniel website, Amazon or her own Gumiho Shop.

This oracle, the culmination of a whole artistic path and personal development, Gumiho created it with the aim of making it an easy-to-use tool, allowing work and reflection on oneself and on one's life path.

At the end of 2021, she released her second oracle « le chemin du Gumiho » as an author and illustrator. Eager to develop this project in its entirety, she chooses to self-publish for this project.