Personal creation

I realize your personalized visual which can be adapted for all possible formats according to your needs. You are free to use it for your logo, website, social networks, business card etc.

You also have a right of inspection during the creation and the opportunity to ask me twice for modifications so that the visual suits you perfectly.

Please note that you cannot use it for the sale of posters, as a book cover or for a large commercial production, etc. At this time, it is another work with a contract to be signed concerning additional copyright to the creation.

Price on quotation, depending on your project.

Contact me to discuss about your project.

If you are private and want a fantastic portrait for your own enjoyment, of course that is also possible. But be aware that the work remains of as good quality and takes as long to achieve as another visual.

Illustration of oracles and other projects

Illustrator of several oracles, I offer my illustration services for your oracles, book covers and other projects requiring one or more specific visuals.

I adapt to any kind of request by integrating my personal style, but I need a prior description of your project so that we can discuss and see if it works between us. I find this step very important for the smooth running of a big project like an oracle for example.